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The thing I like third best about Josh is that he picks up the phone and calls me. Second best thing is that he always adds value in his conversations.

Something that I see a lot of people struggle with when and how it’s appropriate to approach and hit on women.

This is someone who’s demonstrating poor social calibration; he’s getting a very obvious brush-off and keeps trying anyway.

The almost obsequious fawning in the message on Facebook makes it even more clear that this isn’t going to go anywhere good; sucking up isn’t a good look on .

it’s ok to approach women is to consider the social context of the situation.People who assume (or try to take) a greater level of intimacy than they actually have are creepy because they’re ignoring your boundaries.In the case of Ben Schoen’s attempt at wooing of Grace Spelman, he assumed a far greater level of intimacy than actually existed; the only contact they had was that she friended him on Facebook when she was fourteen.Just remember: being well-calibrated and socially successful doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed success; everybody has off days and some people will just no matter what.While there are obviously no hard and fast classifications, this list should serve as a decent rule of thumb.

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In reality, it’s not quite as complicated or difficult to attempt to approach women is automatically creepy.

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