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This was followed by a penultimate goodbye schnapps, and a further final farewell schnapps when we booked out of the hotel- at 2pm!

I will definitely be back for more schnapps and maybe a spot of outdoor activity hopefully next year.

During my brief stay my eyes were opened up to the possibility of an outdoor activity holiday.

I usually enjoy spending my time on the beach with a good book but actually going out and working up a sweat was just as enjoyable and certainly more fulfilling.

During our four day stay there seemed to be barely a moment when we were not sipping schnapps at everywhere from restaurants, hotels and farms to mountain bike centres.

An acquired taste and fortunately for me one that I thoroughly enjoyed, it is an expression of friendship as everyone welcomes you in with a drink and then toasts your goodbyes with another quick shot.

Born on August 18 in the year before the ocean liner Titanic slipped beneath the freezing waves of the Atlantic and Antarctica’s icy wastes claimed the lives of Captain Scott and his comrades, Barbara, or ‘Babs’ as she is affectionately known by many, drew her first breath in Liverpool.

When the Second World War broke out, Barbara was living in Edinburgh.

But if you want to just sit back and relax there are many chalets or rooms to hire with spectacular views or hotels with magnificent spas and it is easy to pull up at any lake, do a spot of sun bathing and go for a swim.To help matters further I was staying at the luxurious Falkensteiner hotel with a stupendously plush spa, indoor and outdoor pools, private treatments for singles or couples, stunning views and ridiculously nice rooms, which are only priced at about 100 a night.A superior suite with your own bar, dining room, lounge area, whirlpool and sauna (yes that's right, a sauna in your room) would only set you back about 200 a night- far cheaper than in the UK.Then the highlight of the day, a trip to Austrian co-operative farm Buschenschank where schnapps, cider and fruit juices are brewed, with plenty of taste tasting for everyone.A final, but dramatic stop, was the Pyramidenkogel, a 50 metre tower with 360 panoramic views across a valley of four lakes, mesmeric in the haze of the evening sunshine.

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Dinner and further schnapps was at a scenic spot back at Lake Worthersee where we were serenaded by the restaurant boat-chaffeur driver.