Dating winchester rifles by serial number

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Unlike a lot of the AKs on the market these days, the M M M10 isn’t a parts kit gun. The marking – in my case “13 RO” – denotes a new Romanian-built rifle made in 2013. S.-made replacement parts are added to make the rifle 922r compliant.

Mag Well The mag well is a common source of complaints on modern imported AKs.

Despite being inexpensive (-30), it’s a solid performer.

I’m not sure what happens to all of those old thumbhole stocks and other parts removed off M M rifles, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are shipped back to Romania to be installed on the next batch of import AKs.

Although I generally believe UTG products provide a lot of value for the buck, I’m not a huge fan of the design of this particular top rail for one big reason. Rather, the optic sits high on the rail which also tends to mess up the operator’s cheek weld.

The M10-762s arrive from Romania with thumbhole stocks. S.-made, Warsaw Pact-length Tapco polymer stock (shown above, at bottom of photo, compared to an olive drab U. The Tapco stock is a copy of the Bulgarian design, except for the notable absence of the trap door in the buttplate for the cleaning kit.So when I heard that the M M M10-762 was a Romanian-made rifle, I was prepared to be unimpressed. One of the first things I noticed about the M10 when I picked it up was that it’s fairly light for an AK. This is achieved via a thin barrel, lighter dust cover and a polymer stock.But after six range visits and well over 1000 rounds downrange, on the whole I’ve been very pleasantly surprised . This rifle is more nimble than other fixed-stock AKs I have handled, especially compared to the more , heavy-duty Yugo models.The M-10 also includes a CNC-machined side-mounted optical sight attachment rail.Unfortunately, when I compared it to other AKs in my personal arsenal, I found that it sits a little higher on the receiver than it should.

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The BATFE will only allow the importation of small arms that are for “sporting purposes.” As a result, when these rifles are brought into the country, they feature a small mag well opening intended for use with a single-stack 10-round magazine.

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