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Dating tokarev

Meanwhile, the Federal Government called repeatedly for the complete lifting of the arms embargo despite its inability to fully comply with its current obligations under the partial lift.

Given the vulnerability of the system to diversion, and the threat this poses to peace and security, particularly amid ongoing tensions between the centre and periphery, the Monitoring Group recommends no further easing of the arms embargo.Regional administrations, numerous Members of Parliament and parts of the influential Mogadishu business community have openly opposed this stance.Meanwhile, the militant group Harakaat al-Shabaab al-Mujaahidiin (Al‑Shabaab) continues to pose the most immediate threat to peace and security in Somalia.The ISIL faction briefly took control of the town of Qandala, on the north coast of Puntland, and carried out its first suicide attack, in Bosaso.While its capacity has remained limited, an influx of foreign fighters fleeing military pressure in Iraq, the Syrian Arab Republic and elsewhere could present a significant threat to the region.

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Intercommunal conflict, often exacerbated by the involvement of national and regional forces and Al-Shabaab, caused significant civilian harm.

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