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When the English captured the island in 1655, Spanish Town remained the capital of the island until 1872 when this status was conferred on Kingston.Spanish Town still possesses memories of the past with its many historical buildings.From 1910 to the early 1970s, the Government Elementary School was housed there.The building is now in an advanced state of disrepair. Catherine District Prison The Prison was built in 1714 from the proceeds of the will of George Fletcher.When the English captured the island, they destroyed the original Spanish Chapels.This Anglican Church was therefore built on the foundations and with materials from the original Chapel of the Red Cross.The site was originally a cemetery and later a Chapel.It was then altered to form an arsenal for small arms.

It was also the site for festivals, fairs, games and races.

Its floor contains marble headstone memorials to prominent British colonists that date as far back as 1700s. The Cenotaph To the north of the Cathedral is a cenotaph erected in memory of the sons of the parish of St.

Catherine who died in the two World Wars 1914 to 19 to 1945.

When the capital of the island was transferred to Kingston in 1872, the Assembly met at Headquarters House in Kingston.

After this date, the Old House o f Assembly was used for several purposes.

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The Hall was demolished in 1761 to make room for the new mansion.

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