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In the series finale, Diggie and Maddie say 'I Love You' to each other and kiss.(See: Diggie and Maddie (relationship)) (Good Friend) When Liv first meets Diggie, she's a little confused about why he talked like a sport's announcer, but then he explained why.Diggie revealed he still had feelings for Maddie in Video-A-Rooney as he wanted to help make Liv's band make a music video with Parker, to spend more time with Maddie.

He claims that he knows Maddie, that even though her sister has the same face, he knew that it wasn't her.He’s loyal and a great friend, not only to Maddie but to her brother Joey, and to all of Maddie’s friends as well as Liv.Diggie is shown to be also quite obsessive with certain things, such as Maddie since he got jealous of her with Josh and didn't like her being with him.He always manages to appear in a Miggie moment and interrupts them.However, in Choose-A-Rooney, Liv and Artie stop him from ruining their (Maddie and Diggie's) reconciliation.

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Diggie was a sophomore at Ridgewood High and is a basketball player at the school's basketball team, however he does not go there anymore due to being transfer students in Tundrabania and Australia. However in "Flugelball-A-Rooney", Diggie says that the only thing he missed was Maddie, so this suggests that he doesn't really have a caring family but this may be wrong.

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