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Many people are bombarded by unwanted telephone calls—even though they are on the Do Not Call Registry.The calls pitch everything from “free” medical alert devices to credit and debt services.Some phone companies previously claimed that federal laws that required them to connect dialed calls prohibited them from blocking unwanted calls.The Attorney General’s Office joined forces with attorneys general from other states to petition the FCC to require phone companies to invent call blocking technology to solve this problem.Scam artists may use caller ID spoofing to impersonate government agencies, banks, credit card companies, and other legitimate businesses.

This makes it very difficult for law enforcement to track the scam artists down.You might even see your own name and telephone number displayed on your caller ID device.The scammer who makes a “spoofed” call hopes that you will answer your phone so they can try to scam you.By “spoofing” their calling information, scammers can conceal their true location and identity. Because the scammers are trying to steal money from people and have no regard for the law, they are not concerned about violating the Do Not Call law.The Do Not Call Registry prohibits many callers from placing telemarketing calls to consumers who have registered their phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry.

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We recommend that you ask your phone company whether it plans to implement any new call-blocking services or technology in light of the FCC’s rule clarification.