Dating parents special needs children

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I fear I'll be my mother who divorced at 36 and never dated again!!

Immersed her life in her kids (or used it as an excuse to NOT get over the fear of dating after being married 15 years). I'd rather stay at home with my kids and either go out or just sit home and relax!

In fact, I do not believe I'm missing anything without a partner or a date.

My life is busy that I'm almost concerned about adding someone else to the equation.

I am literally the LAST person out of ALL of my girlfriends who is not married, but my son is 3 (the oldest of the group) and honestly, I feel so conflicted about dating.

Don't get me wrong, I don't have negative preconceptions about it, I just really don't know when I'd schedule it in.

I kind of feel like it's a double edged sword, because when I don't date, people tell me "Don't you think your son deserves to have a strong male in his life?Do you are not alone What a great board, I'm sorry I haven't chimed in earlier.Being a single mom has made me stronger, more passionate, and happier than ever before.If I met someone who also had children already, that would be okay, too. But as you folks all state, us single parents don't get out as much!You have to get out of hiding, or us good dads can't find you! I'm crazy most of the time with Gabriel and writing that I don't date at all.

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Even when I stopped him and said this is not where I want to go at this point.

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