Dating mental health issues

Posted by / 15-Sep-2019 20:29

Mental health problems disrupt the way you think, feel, and act.They can begin at any age, affecting your mood or interactions with others.Questions you might ask include: If you are having a tough time understanding what is going on with a friend or family member, a hotline can help you learn more about mental health disorders and their treatment.

Many people have questions they are afraid to ask their friends, family, or doctors.

With the taboo surrounding mental health finally starting to disappear, we bring you information, quotes, advice and personal stories about from depression to anxiety, borderline personality disorder, panic attacks, OCD and more.

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, you are not alone.

Many people experience similar struggles, and there are resources available to help.

During a crisis, you might feel like things will never change.

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However, there are some general signs that indicate that some type of mental health issue is present, and the person experiencing them should seek a more thorough evaluation.