Dating married man pregnant wife

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Dating married man pregnant wife

I felt greatly remorseful and believed I'd been given my due: The children were a blessing, of course, but raising them by myself sometimes felt like a punishment.I'd grown up in a Christian family, and I felt like I had a scarlet on my chest.

At the time I was very thin and not having regular periods, so I was shocked to find out three months into the affair that I was pregnant--with twins, no less! I gave birth with a friend by my side instead of the father, who by that time wasn't part of my life.He said his "crazy" ex would hunt me down if she knew anything about me. But before long he told me about other girls he was seeing. I guess because it was a hard time in my life and I was down in the dumps.Besides, he assured me that I was his "alpha dog" (I know--ick).As soon as I got home, I told Todd I loved him and wanted to be with only him.The way he looked at me, I could tell he felt the same.

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Eventually, though, I felt strong enough to tell him our relationship was over, and I moved on.