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The draughtsman has drawn individual trees in avenues at Hampden, and noted the location of the Old London Road at Fawley, to the extreme left.

On the reverse of the drawing is written: "Mr Boyces High Wycombe No 154" and "Reduced [10 Aug]..."Enclosed farmland characterises the landscape of this part of Buckinghamshire.

Their son, Bryan, joined them in the early years and as the canal holiday hire fleet expanded Bryan set up the chandlery which has grown steadily ever since.

Our canal holidays fleet grew steadily to 13 boats by the early nineties.

It was instrumental in aiding the rejuvenation of the UK canal network from an antiquated transport system to the amazing leisure resource it is today.

When the Ambrose family took over they did not continue the Maid Line fleet of small wooden river cruisers.

A major expansion occurred in 1992 as Rose Narrowboats was joined at Stretton Stop by another well known company.

Warwickshire Narrowboats, from Nuneaton, run by Colin and Maggy Steward were owners of the famous Magpie Line fleet of hireboats.

We are expanding our range of facilities for boat owners, and building new boats for our hire fleet.Albans and Leicester, at top right, and the Akeman Street Way, at lower left.This field sketch describes the chalk hills of the Chilterns, including a section of the Grand Junction and the Aylesbury Canals.Roughly drawn interlining ('hachuring') in black depicts relief with a recto inscription in pencil noting that "the irregular pencil lines are drawn too strong".The draughtsman has described earthworks, barrows, minor tributaries and a navigable feeder of the Grand Union Canal and a section of the prehistoric Icknield Way running from above Tring to "Pittlesthorn".

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In the same year Anthony began work at a local canal holiday hire company and drydock, before moving to manage a large chandlery business in the area for the 12 years up to 2006.

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