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It more or less just happened.” “They say those are the best relationships,” Chrisley said. The mother of three has also been linked to Dominique Potter, who has frequently shared photos of the two together on Instagram.Laura Dern and Robin Wright are each riding career highs and proving that actresses of a certain age don’t need to settle anymore for unglamorous supporting roles playing, for example, the mother of some hot young male star.

Dern’s last high-profile relationship was with actor Billy Bob Thornton back when she was a young, up-and-coming star.

Wright’s son, Hopper, from her previous marriage to Sean Penn, was with her and Giraudet.

At the time, Giraudet was labeled as Wright’s “mystery man.” Page Six said Giraudet has been staying at Wright’s home when he visits Los Angeles.

Hayter says she knows Lowry “better than anyone,” but is “happily in love with my girlfriend” Leah Makarevich.

“Kail is happily falling back in love with herself,” Hayter jokes. The quality time I get to spend with these boys I wouldn’t give up for anything.

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The pair finally met in person in Egypt, where gender mixing is more accepted than in Saudi Arabia, long dominated by a puritanical form of Islam that has been challenged recently by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's push toward a more moderate interpretation of the religion.

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