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Another online survey found that 33 per cent of young adults polled had sent nude pictures of themselves via text or email.

Sexual abuse like the kind Michelle says she is experiencing is not uncommon, said Maryjane James, executive director of the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton.

The fear of being revictimized means countless victims suffer in silence while their abusers avoid reprisal.

"The shame and blame and the embarrassment is what silences these individuals who have been victimized by this, but the silence also allows the behaviour to continue," James said.

Originally from New Brunswick, her journalism career has taken her from Nova Scotia to Fort Mc Murray. I had a normal life." The woman, who is in her early 50s, believes her ex-husband — the father of her three grown children — is to blame for the online post, which has tormented her for three years.

Share your stories with Wallis at [email protected] lives in fear that her children will discover an explicit photograph of her that she can't erase from the internet. Albert, Alta.-area woman, who shared her story with CBC News on the condition that her real name and identity be concealed, believes she is a victim of revenge porn. Michelle and her ex were "high school sweethearts" and dated for five years before they married in the late 1980s.

Years after her worst suspicions were first confirmed, Michelle finally decided to move out.

It was then that she found her photograph and full name posted on the website. But she said the photo is one he took with his cellphone, without her consent, when they were still together.

She has consulted with lawyers and has contacted the offending website numerous times in an attempt to get the pictures taken down. She worries she could lose her job, and her family, if her secret gets out.

"Maybe it's time I do that, maybe it's time they do find out, but this is still their dad.

It's a tough thing." Under Canadian law, posting explicit photographs of someone online without consent can lead to criminal harassment or sexual assault charges.

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She said she didn't want to break up her family, but had to do something. It's like someone takes away your life the first time you find that out.