Dating geology

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Dating geology

Learn about different types of radiometric dating, such as carbon dating.

Understand how decay and half life work to enable radiometric dating.

Journey to the southernmost tip of the Avalon Peninsula and take a guided tour at Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

See fossils of creatures that lived more than 550 million years ago, when all life was in the sea.

There are few places on Earth like Torngat Mountains National Park, where such an array of geological features and processes can be observed in a single landscape.

On the Burin Peninsula, you’ll see the exposed cliffs at Fortune Head Ecological Reserve, evidence of the geological boundary between the Precambrian Era and the Cambrian Period.

Fossils here are from the first skeletal creatures on Earth, dating back 540 million years. Lawrence is remarkable for having the world’s largest fluorite deposits.

As a result of this, poor soil, arid and unpredictable climate over most of the continent, the plants, and therefore the animals that depend on them, have evolved into a unique flora and fauna.

Lack of volcanic or seismic activity leading to mountain building over much of the continent for many millions of years means that what mountain ranges there were have been worn down by erosion to mere stubs of their former glory.

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Tour glacially carved inland fjords, walk on the red rocks of the Tablelands which were once found deep in the Earth’s mantle, and hike the coastline at Green Gardens and marvel at the volcanic sea stacks, cliffs, and caves.

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