Dating game show of the 1990s

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Dating game show of the 1990s

The real prize would be just for any of these game shows to make a full time return to television again. involves putting a series of questions to three potential dates who can't be seen.

(Among the future stars was Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding, Jr.! And now you don't have to suffer from Lange withdrawal because Game Show Network has some episodes to show you... Now you can see the classic Jim Lange episodes of the original DATING GAME on The Game Show Network- in particular, the ones that featured present-day and future superstars. On 1st Run Syndicated from September 10, 1973-September 15, 2000.

Jim Lange, fresh from his announcing duties with Tennessee Ernie Ford stepped through the flower-speckled rotating partitions for the first of many, many times shortly before Christmas 1965. On one side you had 3 bachelors answering questions from a girl on the other side of the partition (each not being able to see the other).

The girl was given a certain amount of time to ask as many questions as she could to the 3 bachelors.

Because it isn't enough to simply watch fuzzy VHS transfers of '90s game show episodes on You Tube to get our fix of these shows.

Nor is it enough for these game shows to be brought back as one-off special events or movies.

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But now that Supermarket Sweep is returning, there's a lot other '90s game shows that deserve a comeback, too, and we need to talk about them.

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