Dating fender pickups and pots hollywood dating blunders

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Dating fender pickups and pots

When pushed down, B & C are connected – nothing is changing.

However, when you pull up, B is now connected to ground, effectively killing the signal.

Take a look at the drawing below to see how the selector is used. Keep in mind: there are still two sides to this switch – meaning, you can Coil Split two humbuckers with one switch.

They were probably in the factory at the same time.

This is one of the rarest & cleanest Stratocasters to ever come on to the vintage guitar market, its Sunburst finish is in fantastic shape, its 1-piece “4-Bolt” Maple neck is what makes this Strat so special & has Fenders ink stamped code dating it to 1971 w/a single string tree, its White pickgard houses 3 killer sounding pickups all date coded to 1971, its pot codes all date to the 52 week of 1970, factory tremolo, it has exactly the same specs as “Richie Blackmore” played for most of his early career, made for less than a 2 year period it is far rarer than the infamous maple cap neck Strats from the late 60’s, it is 100% original & truly near mint in all respects, Feather weight at 7.00 LBS and comes with some case candy, its manual in its original black hard case.

I helped a buddy clean out his great uncles home and for payment I received a Fender Electric Mandolin "Mandocaster" and I need help dating it.

There is no date under the pick-guard/pickups and there is no date under the neck (see photos). Not mine, only posted for illustration - I played one several months ago at Truetone in Santa Monica - maybe still there - i think '57 or 8, but pricey and someone had hand engraved the serial on the front scratch plate, go figure, maybe a pawn shop, duh! I was going to compliment you on your fine looking '59 as well.

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I have come across many guitars with a serial number in the V012000's with a 1982 neckdate.