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Patrick King is a Best-Selling Author and Social Interaction Specialist In this episode of the Jim Wolfe Show, Patrick King and I discuss how to start conversations with anyone, the best way to respond to anything they say, how to hold conversations with people longer without forcing it, and how to be wittier.We also talk about how to improve your online dating profile and what it was like for Patrick to leave his life as a practicing lawyer behind to become a best-selling author and teacher of social dynamics.The way a few drinks may affect a normal drinker is not the way drinking affects an alcoholic. Are you or someone you know struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol?So if a newly sober person starts romanticizing the act of drinking, they should remind themselves that there is way more fun to be found in sobriety than drinking. Keep a positive attitude about sobriety and be proud of yourself for getting through a rough day and still having a good time regardless. There will be many fun memories to make in the future during holidays. Contact representative Linda Rose at Footprints Behavioral Health at 949-558-4723.

Irish food is absolutely delicious, and nobody will want to pass up coming to a party where potatoes and corn beef are on the menu.If the newly sober person is in their twenties or early thirties, they often think that everyone else is going out and getting drunk and having a great time with friends. Many people don’t enjoy participating in that type of lifestyle, and purposely stay away from it. Tip #5: Recall the reasons for getting sober in the first place.When a lot of people are getting drunk during the holidays, it is easy to romanticize drinking and forget the way it actually affected the recovering addict or alcoholic.Unfortunately, most holidays are also a time for many people to indulge in alcoholic beverages. Patrick’s Day, are mistakenly based entirely on the premise that one has to be drunk to truly celebrate it.For the newly sober person, this can be quite the challenge as they are trying to navigate through the early stages of a new type of lifestyle.

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Many people have children they have to tend to, and don’t have the energy or time to go out to fancy parties with friends.