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'These flashing lights look like cracked glass or water running down over sparkling lights.' 'Once the flashing lights start you can prevent a fullblown migraine by taking painkillers, drinking water, upping your blood sugar with food and laying down in a quiet, dark room,' says Mr Constantine-Smith.

'If you stare at a n very bright light, such as the sun or a welding torch, for long enough, those images can burn into your retina, damaging your long- term sight , ' says Mr Constantine-Smith.

This is caused when the photosensitive cells on the retina are temporarily bleached and take a few seconds to adapt.

Your brain interprets this as different colours, says Neil Constantine-Smith, Specsavers optician.

In effect, this is a 'mini-stroke' in your eye, says Mr Berghardt. Head to your GP straight away - a full-blown stroke could be on the way,' he says.

A persistent fogginess is more likely to be a cataract, which is when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy - again this is more commonly seen in those over 50.

Flashing lights can also be an early warning for migraines.

'Flashing lights that last for 15 to 30 minutes are often symptomatic of ocular migraines, which are headaches that also cause coloured lights usually in both eyes,' he says.

'It's a condition known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS), named after the Swiss philosopher who noticed his blind grandfather having hallucinations of things that obviously weren't there,' says Mr Moriarty.

If the multi-coloured lights last for longer than 30 minutes, it could signify a detached retina.

'Unlike ocular migraines, these are almost always in one eye, so put a hand over one eye and see if it's the same on both sides,' he says.

'Cataracts are common, but often are not detected for months until your unaffected eye is shut - as you might do when you get a piece of grit in it.

You then discover you have been compensating by using the other eye more,' he says.

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Floaters are harmless, but if they start to have a real impact on sight, they can be rectified with a vitrectomy.

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