Dating a royal nail polish

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Dating a royal nail polish

Tamar Braxton took to Instagram to claim that her estranged husband, Vincent Herbert, is having a baby with another woman.

“Vincent Herbert is Having a baby and his Whore decided to let me know about it tonight!!

Although some of these photo sets may not be recent, they are just as delectably beautiful as when they were first photographed.

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For some people, there is nothing more special than a lady with beautiful nails, whether it be her perfectly manicured fingernails or her flawlessly pedicured feet and toenails!

Nice, perfectly done nails, are often viewed as the "fit and finish" of a lady, demonstrating her desire to put that little extra effort in her overall appearance. Com has sought out and worked with amazing ladies that are truly proud to show off their beautiful nails, hands and feet.

From time to time we may rotate in some other photos and videos from our collection.

Members of the British royal family make themselves available to the public through carefully choreographed royal engagements, so if you ever find yourself in the enviable position of rubbing shoulders with a royal, your own conduct should be thoughtful, as well.

Here are four ways to make a good impression and avoid breaking royal protocol." data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" title="If you meet a member of the royal family, don't touch them. - Arthur Edwards/WPA Pool/Getty Images" / There may only be seven official natural wonders of the world, but there are plenty more breathtaking natural sights all over the globe worth exploring.

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INSIDER asked royal expert and commentator for CNN Victoria Arbiter how to properly greet a royal should the opportunity ever arise.