Dating a baker anonymous

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Dating a baker anonymous

People use addiction as a substitute for intimate relations and AA cleverly provides an intimate relationship." Caroline (not her real name), 39, took four years to break away from AA and looks back with loathing at what she now sees as its self-serving and coercive methods.

"I had doubts from the start but I carried on because, at the time, I had very low self-esteem and no confidence.

Opposition is not encouraged; I once made the mistake of mentioning to another member that I was in contact with a woman who had dropped out.He was very critical that I would still speak to someone who had `fallen away'. I wanted friends and I wanted to be liked but now I've detached. I've been emotionally damaged by their mind games to keep you a member, to keep you needing them.It's sold to you as if you're part of a special order. It's a bullying environment." David Oddy, 43, went to AA for eight years on and off before leaving to cure himself through therapy. It doesn't empower or encourage independence." Oliver James and other professionals also have problems with the AA identification of alcoholism as a disease.There is also a view that AA is only of real use to people who are very far down the line.Sue Baker, who is the Assistant Director of Alcohol Concern, doesn't feel that AA's line on complete abstinence is always appropriate.

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They have a Big Book which is their equivalent of the Bible.

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