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Craig groeschel dating book

It’s the equivalent of the distress you feel when there’s silence, when there’s no emotional intimacy between you. One of the most important ways you can demonstrate love to each other is by renewing your spiritual commitment to one another through acts of physical love. It’s two people becoming one in an alliance of intimacy.

It’s a blessing from God, a way that you can genuinely serve one another. One of the greatest things you can do for each other is to engage in frequent, creative, spiritual lovemaking.

Craig Groeschel is the founding and senior pastor of Life, recently ranked the nation's second largest church.

By 2010, Life was hosting more than eighty services at fourteen campuses.

What do you do if you want a marriage that doesn't just survive, but thrives? Even relationships you thought were bulletproof don't last–or maybe worse—fade away to a cold, gray lovelessness.

This is a personal expression – how you interact with God’s Word. Don’t feel like you have to copy and imitate someone else’s style.

For more inspiration follow the Illustrated Faith Community on social media by looking up hashtag #illustratedfaith.* * *It’s National Craft Month!

What a perfect time for the reminder that you can combine your creativity and your faith!

One of the very best ways you can do that is to learn to fight fair with your spouse—for resolution, for restoration.” “Don’t fight to win.

You both should fight to lose the conflict and gain a closer relationship.

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We’re going to have so much fun talking about this together!

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