Consolidating private student loans obama christian dating moving too fast

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Consolidating private student loans obama

The Johnson Test for undue hardship is pretty similar to the Brunner test in that it tries to assess whether or not your private student loan debt will destroy your ability to maintain a minimal standard of living, but it’s more comprehensive than the Brunner test.

To receive a discharge for your debt, you’ll need to file a petition (called an “adversary proceeding”) that requests a court judgment (called a “determination”) on whether or not you will receive approval for having your private student loan debt discharged.

It’s tough to receive an undue hardship discharge for certain types of private students loans, but it’s exceptionally easy for others!

The difficulty is determined by the type of school you attended, the specific school where you received your education, the type of educational program you borrowed money to attend, and your specific financial situation (this is the biggie, as you have to be able to prove that your loans are making it difficult for you to afford basic necessities).

And to add to the confusion, some courts take the test as an all or nothing deal where you either qualify for having your entire loan discharged or fail to qualify for having any of it discharged, while others will allow you to discharge some portion of your loan depending on the results of the test.

However, to help give you an idea of what you’ll be facing when trying to get approval for an undue hardship discharge, here’s a breakdown of the most common undue hardship tests in use today: You’re having trouble paying rent, keeping the lights on and putting food on the table, but you haven’t been taking annual family vacations, you aren’t driving new vehicles, you didn’t recently buy a house, your apartment isn’t furnished with high-quality electronics and you don’t have the latest i Phone in your pocket.

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This set a precedent that made it far more likely that future cases would be handled in similar fashion, meaning that you have definitely got a shot at getting your loans discharged.