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Consolidating itunes music

Step 14: A dialog will pop up, requesting that you choose your i Tunes library. Step 15: In the Finder’s sidebar under the Devices heading locate the external drive and navigate to the i Tunes folder you just moved to the external drive. i Tunes will load and update the library file, if necessary, to reflect changed media file locations.From now on, launching i Tunes will automatically load this library.The easiest way to do so entails highlighting any item in i Tunes, like a song or an app, and bringing up the Info pane by hitting Command (⌘) – I.

For those wondering, my i Tunes folder currently weights in at a whopping 1.6 terabytes, taking up more than half the storage on my 3TB Time Capsule.To locate the i Tunes folder on Windows, go here: Should you elect to have your i Tunes Media folder organized, i Tunes will place song files into album and artist folders.Individual files will adopt the file name format based on the disc number, track number and the song title.Consolidation ensures everything in your library is stored in one place.You’re recommended to consolidate your library In other words, consolidating an i Tunes library ensures that every referenced media file gets copied when you drag the i Tunes folder onto an external drive.

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But with one-terabyte external hard drives retailing for less than $60 on Amazon, there are no excuses not to spring for external storage to move that humongous i Tunes library of yours on.