Computer froze when updating bios nod32 not updating 2016

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Computer froze when updating bios

If the drive does appear to be partitioned, it may be partitioned with the wrong file system.For example, you may have formatted the drive with the ext4 file system from Linux or the HFS Plus file system from a Mac. Reformat the drive with the newer NTFS file system or older FAT32 file system so Windows will be able to recognize it.If you see a yellow exclamation mark, you have a driver problem.Right-click the device with a yellow exclamation mark, select Properties, and look at the error message.Some heavy-duty removable hard drives may even have to be plugged in with a separate power cable before they’ll work. To do so, press Windows Key R, type into the Run dialog, and press Enter.

If you see that the drive is unpartitioned and is full of “unallocated space,” you’ll want to create a new partition on it.If you can’t access the drive from another device, such as a DVD player, smart TV, game console, or media center device, it may be formatted as NTFS.Many devices, even Microsoft’s own Xbox 360, can’t read the Windows NTFS file system.If you don’t see the drive here, continue to the next section where we’ll try to determine why your drive isn’t recognized.If Windows doesn’t see your drive at all, it’s possible there’s a hardware issue with your computer’s USB port, a driver problem with your Windwos computer, or you may just have a dead drive.

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If you’ve plugged the drive into a USB hub, try connecting it to the computer instead.

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