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College student dating ideas

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game played outdoors in the real world with a GPS device.If you have a smartphone, you can use your GPS to track down hidden containers called geocaches all over the world.Some theaters reserve a limited number of tickets called “rush tickets” that can be bought the day of the performance.They’re usually first come first serve at the box office, and though the seats aren’t always the best, the tickets are usually cheaper than normal.

Geocaching is a unique and exciting college dating idea that takes a little extra work, but definitely pays off.

If your school has great hiking trails like Dartmouth College, go for a hike.

Head to the beach if you go to a school like Pepperdine University, or University of California, Santa Barbara.

Pack whatever you have in your dorm, or even stop by the school cafeteria where you can use your meal plan to score some snacks.

Find a cute area in a local park, or right in the quad.

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When you're super broke in college, you may begin to think it's a luxury you can't really afford, but literally, #No Worries.

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