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It stands to reason that if the world really is moving in the direction of World War III that there will be unprecedented numbers of people across the planet demonstrating against not only the building up of nuclear weapons arsenals and possible preparations to use them, but against the potential for global war itself. In all honesty, and I have been following this for some time, the Brits can end up rioting, looting, and setting fire to cars, buildings and people for any one of a million reasons.

I suspect that is about to change now that Russia and the United States are gearing up for a possible nuclear war. Lately this is almost an annual event, and when that happens base 7 gets thrown right out the window because a saturation point is reached.: Israel and Gaza wars, Israel firing on Lebanon or Syria for a one day scare story, ISIS executions, school shootings, mass shootings anywhere, terrorism, stupid celebrities killing themselves or risking death in other ways, and also terrible weather.

an event that was accurately predicted on this website ... At that time, and for the next six weeks, there were between 20,000 and 30,000 views on this site every single day.

Not since 9/11 in 2001 and the death of Pope John Paul II in 2005 had there been so much traffic, nor has there been ever since.

Tuesday's quake struck 37 kilometers (23 miles) east-southeast of Namie at a depth of 11.4 kilometers (7 miles).

Eight aftershocks of at least magnitude 5.4 were recorded within five hours of the initial quake.

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Almost every year there are notable mass protests in either the United States or Europe or Asia (or all three).