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Her car accident, in which she drove her Porsche into a ditch, sounds so scary. And from the start, it was a big deal that she was a star.

“But as of today, I had no single wish to see tomorrow. I must be grateful.” After she went public with her attempted suicide, many tweeted support under #Stay Strong Kehlani — along with reminders that while celebrities have their personal lives scrutinized by the masses, they still are very human.At the time of this writing, the online petition had over 19,300 signatures calling for his removal — just a few hundred shy of the petition's 20,000 signature goal.For days, a segment of the Internet has been consumed with R&B singer Kehlani’s love life, harshly criticizing her amid speculation that she cheated on Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving with her ex-boyfriend. Net worth: According to Celebrity Net Worth in 2014, Chris Brown has a net worth of 30 million USD.Brown began dancing when he was two years old, and at a young age he aspired for a career as a rapper.

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