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Chaser hook up sites

Key features of the Kestrel 3000 Pocket Wind Meter: Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter with Li NK Vane Mount This Kestrel handheld weather meter unit is probably the most fully featured handheld weather station on this list.

Its battery lasts up to 400 hours and is replaceable by the user.Note that because this hand held wind speed meter is in two parts (the sensor fan and the display readout) you’ll probably need two hands to operate it, unless you’re able to set one piece down on something.Two handed use might not be a problem for many applications, but it might be for some possible uses.Key features of the Kestrel 5500 Handheld Weather Meter Another nice feature of the Kestrel 5500 is that it can wirelessly connect to your PC or Mac to download weather data using an inexpensive dongle add-on.Using software you can then analyze historical wind speed information that you’ve collected using the instrument.

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It also measures humidity, barometric pressure, dew point, pressure trends, altitude and more as well as calculate wind chill and can store past use data within its memory banks.

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