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Isn’t there some way Excel can flag a mistake Validation and clicking the Settings tab.From the Allow drop-down menu, pick the type of validation criteria you want to use, and then specify its parameters from the drop-down menus that appear below.After you uncheck it, you can return to “Any value” if you want, and the “Ignore blank” box, though grayed out, will remain unchecked so that he will have to enter something in the cell.If you want to keep users from typing data into a cell, you can restrict them to selecting entries from a list.The trick: select List from the Allow drop-down menu. You can define the list’s values by either selecting a range of cells from the worksheet, or typing values into the Source field, with each one separated by a comma.Entries in the Source field can include spaces, semicolons, and almost any other character.Here’s how: This formula starts by noting the value in cell C2 and counts the number of times the value occurs in the range $C:$C536.Because the formula checks the value in the active cell, there will always be at least one occurrence.

There’s only one problem: he types so badly that he makes a ton of mistakes—adding extra numbers, leaving some out, even hitting letters instead of numbers.The only character you I’m a techie in training, but part of the deal I made with my employer is that I must perform a certain amount of data entry drudgery every day before I can learn anything interesting. All you need to do is select a data list in your worksheet, and Excel will use it to build a data entry form with an entry field for each item in your list.I guess your next question is probably going to be, “What’s a data list?Isn’t there some way to use a set of data from one worksheet as a source of validation criteria in another worksheet?You can create a data validation criterion that uses a formula to check for previous entries of the same value in the column—but you must prepare the worksheet before you enter any actual data.

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Type new data into the form and press Enter or click the New button, and the data is plugged into the worksheet.