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Cams 247

These profiles are of ruse with Mechanical Roller tappets with a .750″ – .825″ diameter wheel.

To force feed, or drip feed you it just makes us laugh.The AK435 series Intake profiles utilize the fastest accelerating opening ramps in the industry to create more H. and Torque, while the ultra-smooth closing ramps make the AK435 series remarkably easy on your valvetrain.The AK435 series profiles are for racing applications only, and should only be used as intake profiles.This discussion is divided into the following parts: It is obvious from reading Dykes that early engine designers were quite knowledgeable about cam timing and its influence on performance.Trent Boggess uncovered a report by a Ford engineer, August Degner, of a study of the Ford Model N (the Models N, R and S were similar and immediately preceded the Model T).

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