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These indexes date from 1719 to 1996 and contain some 220,000 names.The information contained in each index is fairly extensive and lists the voter's name, residence, name of spouse, occupation, employer, gender, race, maiden name, date of birth and sometimes even the number of pigs owned.The Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands (or Freedmen’s Bureau in short) was a federal government agency set up after the end of the US Civil War to aid freed slaves.The Bureau’s job was to help solve many of the everyday issues encountered by newly freed slaves.When I worked for a haulage company who operated farm milk collection tanker one of the drivers picked up from about fifteen farms about 1800 gallons entirely on the ratchet handbrake around the hilly Sussex Weald We don’t see many Foden buses south of Birmingham, and we don’t see many Warrington buses down here either, so here is a view which fits both categories.OED 217 is a Foden PVD6 from 1956, when she was built for Warrington (still in Lancashire at that time! She has an East Lancs H58R body and is seen in the St Catherine’s Park & Ride site in Winchester, on 1 January, 2010, during one of those famous King Alfred Running Days.

The maps list the Freedmen’s Bureau field offices, contraband camps, Freedmen’s Bureau hospitals, Freedman’s Savings Bank branches and locations of United States Colored Troops (USCT) battles. [Mapping the Freedmen’s Bureau] shows the location of all the Freedmen’s Savings Bank branches.These records are from the Church of England and can be searched by first name, last name and place.The baptism records can also be searched by the parents’ names. [Nottinghamshire Parish Records] Ireland – The website has uploaded some 217,000 Roman Catholic parish records from County Carlow.These lists are very useful to consult especially since the status of many soldiers changed during the war.For example, soldiers that were initially reported as killed in action sometimes had their status later changed to wounded or prisoner of war. [World War I Killed in Action Records] England – Find My Past has put online a collection of Nottinghamshire parish records. Included are some 850,000 baptism records (1538 to 1980), some 690,000 marriage records (1528 to 1929) and over 240,000 burial records (1539 to 1905).

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This would include such things as obtaining clothing, food, water, health care and jobs.

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