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Businessdatingservice com

Some require a little more intervention when it comes to finding true love.

For many, such interventions come in the form of friends who introduce them to someone in their network who they think might best suit them.

It was while at a party in a bar in Malahide that the two finally settled on what they were going to do next.

“We were sitting there having a drink when we noticed a very well dressed man, in his early 40s, standing at the counter on his own. We thought he must have been waiting to meet a friend or his partner,” explains Rena.

“We have everybody from farmers to surgeons and administrators to civil servants as well as a sprinkling of celebrities thrown in,” he adds.

“We provide a professional face-to-face service, which means that we meet clients initially to get a clear understanding of their interests and what they are looking for in a future partner.

Not only because they are engaged to each other and due to marry in June of this year but because, together, they own and run Intro Matchmaking, one of Ireland’s top dating agencies.

For that reason, the couple decided to establish their own business as a confidential service where they would not give out personal information to potential matches.

“Some other agencies are content to simply pass out clients’ phone numbers and leave it up to them to make contact with each other. We arrange every introduction ourselves,” insists Rena.

Their only stipulation is that all clients must be available and looking for a serious relationship.

“Our youngest client is 22 and our oldest is 80,” explains Feargal.

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