Bunifa dating game

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Bunifa dating game

They let Roosh game them and then go home with him. You hate them because large numbers of men will never waste time on girls who demand to be treated “like a human being” – a category to which I presume you belong – when there are so many girls who go out every night and spend hundreds of dollars a year for the privilege of being pumped and dumped by alpha males.I won’t even begin to mention the blatant misandry exhibited by this post.But other times, it just results in a lot of Race Tropes playing out with Unfortunate Implications. Cast members are introduced alphabetically, with their names appearing in caption over a slow-motion montage of color still photos of them.Maybe if they simulate a bar-like setting and slip him their number, it will have the same effect and he’ll be removed from the effective man-pool.Because college, post-college, and young professional men are of the same mindset I think most of them are a waste of time. I hate him and yet were it not for the blatant honesty of his blog I think I would still be wasting my time on male attention.Any show aimed at an in-crowd can fall for this unintentionally, particularly if satire acquires a Misaimed Fandom. Sometimes comedy is intended in the format of "We're laughing with you, not at you," but somewhere out there, someone is laughing at you.

The women he writes about go out to bars and clubs. You hate these girls for letting men treat them as orifices to masturbate into.

In the end, your desire for men who treat women as princesses is no better or worse than Roosh’s desire for women who just want a one-night stand with a rugged ambiguously darkish guy.

In the end, you can’t blame Roosh for telling it how it is.

Strange that 40 years later Roosh speaks for all men, isn’t it?

When characters enact stereotypes for the amusement of others.

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A parody of feminine hygiene commercials turns into a promotion for Canada's marriage laws.

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