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Brian Wilson's songs celebrated an idealized California teenhood — surfing, driving, dating — and his productions were glossy perfection with an ultra-smooth blend of guitars and vocal harmonies.

An admirer of producer Phil Spector, Brian would continue to refine his skills and become one of the greatest record producers in rock.Holland also contained "The Trader," yet another of Carl's more introspective, mature works, and Al Jardine's "California Saga (On My Way to Sunny Californ-i-a)" (Number 84, 1973).Aside from a critically acclaimed double live album, The Beach Boys in Concert (Number 25, 1973), the group's next five charting releases would be repackages and greatest-hits compilations, including (The Beach Boys Live in London) came out in 1976 (Number 75).Meanwhile, Brian's ambitions, neuroses, and drug intake were increasing throughout the 1960s.He and Van Dyke Parks began collaborating on in late 1966, but after a mysterious fire at the studio where they were working, Wilson reportedly destroyed most of the tapes in a fit of paranoia.

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His first band included brothers Dennis and Carl (who was expelled from Hawthorne for going to the bathroom without permission), cousin Mike Love, and friend Al Jardine.