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Brea dating

As she removed her wedding ring, Anzet is reported to have told her: “Since I met you, there’s no one worth thinking about.” But within months it was over, and a year later Nadiya fell for her current partner, Slovenian footballer Matija Skarabot, with whom she has a young daughter.During the pregnancy she wrote a passionate and emotive letter to first love Miha.

Then she signed up for Slovenian TV show Star Dance — and seduced her dance partner, model Peter Klinc — who local media noted “preferred men over women” but quickly became inseparable from Nadiya.

Married dad-of-two Davood also raised eyebrows among the Strictly faithful with his very excited reaction to being paired with Nadiya.

Next weekend the pair will dance to urban pop hit Dedication To My Ex, a raunchy club favourite, with X-rated lyrics which tell the story of a girl ditching her lover to pursue a string of new flings.

Their fling was exposed after months of secret liaisons, prompting fury from first love Miha, and a furious backlash from the show’s fans, who called her a maneater. Men just couldn’t help falling for her, and she couldn’t restrain herself either. She approaches her love life the way she approaches the dance floor.” As she later said: “Manhood is very closely connected with dance, both of which require the art of performance and a suitable appearance.” In a second interview, she added: “I expect, above all, that my man is my favourite in the world.

A source said: “Nadiya gained a reputation and endured all sorts of name-calling. “He accepts me as I am, and he is ready to do everything for us.” Or as one local media report put it rather more directly: “She is not only wild and physically expressive on the dance floor, but also inside the four walls of her home with her lover.” By 2012 she was dating Jan Plestenjak, a guitarist and singer famous in her home country, now 44 and 16 years her senior, amid rumours she had secretly dated him years earlier when she was just 18.

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