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At the Cannes advertising festival, an annual gathering of award-seeking creative superstars from the ad agency world, along with a sea of media executives, marketers and ad technology vendors, the networking can be intense and the inspiration overwhelming. Some would even say the festival can be a bit over the top.

We've pulled together a list of some of the most, um, let's go with ridiculous, events on the schedule of the Cannes Lions Festival next week (and one happening this week): There seems no better way to experience the French Riviera than by blocking out the scenery with a VR headset and seeing if wine tastes different if you are looking at different fake scenery. Kq36GVAe O — Cannes Lions (@Cannes_Lions) June 18, 2017 Jose Papa, Managing Director of Cannes Lions, said “Cannes Lions is all about driving ideas and fostering new partnerships and we’re delighted to be able to blend digital and real world connections with both Braindates and the Connect Band this year.

It’s an opportunity for our global community to learn from each, be challenged and inspired – we can’t wait to get started.” Anatoly Roytman, Head of EALA, Accenture Interactive, added “Cannes Lions welcomes thousands of the industry’s best and brightest and while many cite networking as a major reason for coming, the process can be overwhelming.

This mutual ability to reach out is lovely.”C2 is certainly a conference like no other, featuring world-renowned speaking such as Muhammad Yunus and David Suzuki.

From a pool full of ping pong balls to experimental labs sessions, and mini boat rides perfect for conversations, the experience was set to be amazing this time again. Delivering meaningful and impactful B2B networking opportunities to their 4000 participants.

What in the world can be used as a conversation starter?

” The peer-learning and networking service blends smart technology with in-person introductions to help like-minded people find each other during the Festival.

Download the Connect Band app, touch wristbands together and instantly share your name and contact details.

No need to put down your glass of rosé to fumble for a pen or business card.

Though in general, the terms "virtual reality" and "Cannes" are essentially redundant.

From the description:"Some of the most brilliant minds at Facebook are embracing a Japanese creative principle called wabi-sabi: finding beauty in things that are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete.""Keith Barry is one of the world's leading mentalists and illusionists.

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, more than 2200 Brain Dates were booked at this unique business conference.