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I felt a little uneasy when the barmaid tipped me and felt my pussy, but such is life. If he won we would have sex right there on the pool table. The pool tables at the North End Tavern were of poor quality, even by biker standards.

The air was sexually charged with me being naked and pool table gang bangs being the topic of conversation. That was his biker name as he was muscular and had long blonde hair. It was a quick flash and I think half the bar missed the show. I realized I was showing off a lot of cleavage and side tit, but that appeared to be Zack's plan. I let him feel my nipples, then teasingly sucked his fingers and walked out. I believed every guy in the place had now seen me naked and felt my nipples. We played pool some more and the talk went to an incident that happened in Massachusetts were a woman was gang raped on a pool table for teasing guys. I was sure Zeke could figure out how to make a few bucks on the deal.Zack then called me over to the side to talk alone. "Tammy, I have a deal worked out to score some coke. They we be in the ladies' room on the back of the commode. Zeke winked at me to let me know things were alright as the conversation went to how it was every woman's fantasy to be gang fucked by a group of strangers on a pool table in a biker's bar.One of the guys asked if I would go bottomless for another .00. I took his cue and said, "I would think about it." I hate to say, "No" as that closes the door for counter offers. It made me hot to have a guy come up from behind me while I was fucking one guy and sucking another, to reach around me and cup my breasts and play with them. After a few sucks on one cock I would move around to the next and next cock. I used my finger to gather up goo and eat what I could.I explained that I felt comfortable with my knockers hanging out, because I could easily slip on my shirt, but I couldn't get my pants on fast enough should a cop walk in. I told them "If you want to see my pussy, put out some more lines in the ladies' room like before." Well it seems the bar was "coked out." They suggested they would post a look out. After another game of pool with my knockers pushing balls around, the guys upped the offer to a 0 and 2 guards outside. Some of the guys had joined in playing with my tits. I got the biker off in record time and painted my face with his cum. Lefty came on my face and left my mouth open for the next guy, who was Bill. I would keep the guys hard, but not get them off until they were ready. They brutally faced fucked me and slapped my big titties around. I ended up fucking only four bikers, but I felt like I swallowed a bucket of cum.

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Zeke had to make a delivery and we ended up at a biker bar called The North End Tavern.

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