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One of our friends provides help reading for those with learning disabilities, like Asperger's, Dyslexia, Autism, and ADD/ADHD.Canon literally means "rule," and in the history of the Bible it is used to refer to the list of books that are accepted by a church as Scripture.Jerome himself applies it to both non-canonical and deuterocanonical books.Today it's either used in general of all books that have had a claim to be in the Scriptures but are currently rejected, or it's used of the specific books contained in the Roman Catholic Bible but which are not in the Protestant Bible.Hebrews 2:3-4 speaks of those who confirmed the great salvation first mentioned by the Lord Jesus.Because the church understood that Christ had committed the Gospel to the apostles, they preserved everything that had the apostolic stamp of approval as God-inspired truth.I'm going to say it anyway, as I don't believe that any of them have presented anything but conjecture for their opinion, while the evidence for my position is so overwhelming that anyone familiar with pre-Nicene Christianity could come up with it on his or her own.

(Eusebius, Here Eusebius, who is discussing the New Testament canon, discusses whether Hebrews is "the work of an apostle" as thought it is synonymous with whether it is accepted as Scripture.I suggest listening to those to whom the Gospels were committed, the Church.The Pre-Nicene writers say that Matthew was orginally written in Hebrew (e.g., Irenaeus, In the 2nd century comes the earliest list of accepted books in the history of the Bible, the Muratorian Canon. It leaves out Hebrews and James and adds in the Wisdom of Solomon and the Shepherd of Hermas. Really, at this early a date in the history of the Bible, the agreement between the Muratorian Fragment and our current canon is astounding. The Council of Nicea never addressed the books of the Bible, and the Muratorian fragment makes it clear no gnostic writings were in the church's canon even in the mid-2nd century. The gnostics were almost entirely run out of the church in the early 2nd century.Modern Christians use "The Word of God" interchangeably with the Bible.In other words, you can simply say you "follow the Word," and everyone assumes you mean the Bible.

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It is clear, however, that how churches felt about a book had everything to do with whether it was apostolic!