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We looked at ten of the most established and reputable P2P payment services to give you a good overview of your choices.Person-to-person payment systems are meant to be personal, which means that you use the apps exclusively to transfer money back and forth with people you know and trust, such as your friends and family members.

It's important to be aware that most P2P payment apps lack buyer and seller protection.

Part of this had to do with ease of use, which has greatly improved, especially with the explosion of smartphones and the sophistication of app technology in recent years.

As this field continues to grow, more companies, including most major banks, are getting into the game.

Credit and debit cards, not to mention electronic payment systems like Pay Pal, are making the days of cash obsolete.

It's easier, and in many ways more secure, than carrying money in your wallet or purse.

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Some hold the money in your own app-dedicated account, where you can decide to keep it on hand to pay others through the app or transfer it to your checking account.