Bernstein dating josh

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Bernstein dating josh

As Bernstein describes it and as its name suggests, BOSS is about learning to do more with less in the natural world.

Without tents or stoves, backpacks or sleeping bags, matches or flashlights, the experience becomes a catalyst for self-reliance and self-discovery.

He was also entrepreneurial, procuring his own sound system to deejay parties.

Upon graduating in 1993, Bernstein was armed with the management, organizational and communication skills he had honed in college.

One year later, his three-year-old sister was killed in a car accident."It was a very traumatic period," Bernstein remembers."But after those events, I was very motivated to get the most out of my day, week, month, year.As a youth, his typical summer included camping, archery and horseback riding in places such as New Hampshire and Antigua, and by the time he began attending Horace Mann School, an elite, conservative prep school in the Riverdale section of the Bronx, Bernstein was a self-described "crunchy" kid, interested in environmental issues and eating organic food.He was also obsessed with Clint Eastwood and his recurring on-screen personae, such as the Man With No Name, a gunslinger with a say-less-do-more attitude.

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But for Bernstein, it is cigars that provide the most satisfaction.