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Actually, the price only goes up rather dramatically from there. I'm only posting this here because Skeptics may find the show amusing.Coffey Talk with Chip Coffey 2013 - Ottawa, ON Why not wear one of these hats to disrupt his psychic powers?And to further matters the ad continues to inform readers that Chip Coffey cannot “forecast, diagnose, or provide information… Coffey is so assured of his results he offers, “no guarantees or assurances of any kind” and states he, “will not be held accountable for interpretations”. I am an author and I am held accountable for each and every word I write.with [any amount of] certainty.” I thought these were all qualities a psychic was suppose to possess? If someone purchases my book and has good reason to complain, without question I have committed myself to refund their purchase, it’s called good business ethics my friends.Don’t take this as a bash against Chip Coffey the man. Recently, I read that Chip Coffey is coming to my home town of Chicago to conduct “Coffey Talk With Chip Coffey”, a “Chip Coffey Tour”, to be held at one of the more prominent (and expensive) hotels in downtown Chicago, the Congress Plaza Hotel. This article speaks to several issues; namely, psychics, mediums, the paranormal and over-inflated self-perception.I soon found myself outside on the street feeling like a criminal. It got me a bit down until I realized (as I have in past activist situations) that we often live in a world where the lunatics are unfortunately running the asylum.The old phrase, “you have to think like a criminal to catch a criminal” may have to be modified in today’s jacked-up world to something like: “you may have to be seen as a criminal to make the public aware of the real criminals.” One of the things we learned is that Chipper has now taken the art of cold reading to a new low.

Okay, actually I'll admit I don't believe it for a moment.Instead of risking a chance of missing or coming off vague like his contemporaries Edward, Browne and Van Praagh, Chip eshews the age-old calling out of of initials or fuzzy visions and cuts right to the chase: He tells the audience at the get go: “…I’m not going to guess, so I want each of you I give a reading to, please tell me the name of the departed person you want to get in touch with, what they died from and what you want to know from them.” Brilliant. This is something new and fresh in the con artist world that rivals Geller or Madoff in its brazen simplicity. Here’s the list of shows: If you feel like I do about these people, PLEASE DO SOMETHING! Remember: You probably won’t easily change the minds of any believers.Chip Coffey has now descended to a level of abject laziness in direct proportion to the public’s gullibility. What really got me was the rah rah mentality that started this pageant of deception. ” It’s unbelievable that this is the world we live in. After all, it’s their money and right to support whoever they want – June 23, 2011 for the card template and tips on how that worked with John Edward.Anyway, I've been subjected to Paranormal State and Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal enough, so I think I shall pass on this.Tickets are around , which is significantly less than his psychic readings - 20-30 minutes for 0USD.

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Just to clarify, I have interviewed and conducted investigations with dozens upon dozens of psychics, mediums, channelers, sensitive’s, and so-called conduits of the spiritual realm.

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