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It’s designed to be squeezed by users, a new type of interaction that HTC rather ambitiously hopes will find a place in history somewhere alongside the likes of the computer mouse and the touchscreen.The U11 has a number of sensors embedded into the lower half of its metal frame.At some point, we’ve all struggled to reach the soft camera shutter key on a smartphone while trying to use it one-handed.The squeeze functionality solves this problem brilliantly well, and makes you wonder why we haven’t seen anything like it before.

It’s similar to Google Assistant, and will manage things like notifications and your daily schedule.

This dispute with Ryanair has been brewing since earlier this year, but the lawsuit in Expedia’s backyard promises to bring the disagreement to a head.

Ryanair’s suit alleges that Expedia “has used and/or procured, and continues to use and/or procure, information from an automated system or software that enables it to enter into and use the Ryanair Website, its content, and/or underlying databases for the purposes of searching and booking Ryanair flights that are ultimately sold by Expedia to customers using the Expedia website.” In addition to sometimes charging an additional fee, Expedia “occasionally also misrepresents the price of a Ryanair flight,” the lawsuit alleges.

However, while Google Assistant will come pre-loaded on the U11, Alexa will arrive via Google Play in July.

The Huawei Mate 9 also offers both assistants, but the U11 goes a step further.

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The company has been through a leadership transition this year, with longtime finance chief Mark Okerstrom taking over as CEO in September after Dara Khosrowshahi left to become CEO of ride-hailing giant Uber.