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Bahamian dating

A Junkanoo Rush-Out, in which musicians would parade through the ceremony wearing costumes with masks and instruments, was a unique way to liven up the solemn vows and celebrate the happy couple.

The reception of a Bahamas wedding is where the real party begins.

Some brides feel it is important to honor the island they are getting married on by including a few of these practices in their own weddings.

I'm a retired photographer who has come to many forks in the road, and I am happy to say that have taken them all. And so, over the years, Haitians settled in the Bahamas, fully participated in the island's activities, were embraced by other Bahamians -- all, at one time or another, themselves immigrants -- and were solidly woven into the Bahamas' human fabric.In those days, no one questioned their identity or their right to be here. Bahamians whose tendrils once clung to Mother Haiti are terrified to share their now "shameful" secret with their fellow Bahamians. The PLP came on the scene with the late Sir Lynden Pindling promising that no longer would Bahamians be "hewers of wood and drawers of water". This was a different type of Haitian -- they were even unsettling to their Haitian brothers who had quietly settled here and become Bahamians. For example, the first black man to sit in the House of Assembly -- remaining there for 33 years - was Stephen Dillet, a Haitian by birth. Peaceful citizens, they were fully embraced by the locals, and many of them made outstanding contributions to their new country.

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