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Third, it can notify the court that it declines to intervene, permitting the relator to conduct the action in place of the government.

Fourth, it can move to dismiss or stay the relators proceeding with the matter on the grounds that action would interfere with an ongoing criminal investigation.

First, it can request an extension of the 60-day sealing period.

Second, it can elect to intervene and take over the action.

Finally, the government can attempt to settle the action before declaring its formal intervention decision.

Even if the government initially declines to intervene, it can do so later upon showing good cause. The government’s complaint may add or delete certain allegations and parties, and plead specific common law claims, such as common law fraud, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment, which a relator cannot bring in a proceeding for lack of standing, an enforceable legal right to such claims.

Several examples below involve claims following the termination of an employee who identified the alleged misconduct.

The complaint remains under seal for at least 60 days, during which time the Department of Justice attorneys decide to either proceed with or decline to take over the action, leaving the relator with the right to conduct the action once the complaint is unsealed.No proof of specific intent to defraud is required.The government does not need to pay the claim for False Claims Act liability to arise. Right: Engraving of the immigrant scene at Ellis Island, New York harbor. The Department of Justice is investigating radiation oncology service providers. In the words of the infamous American bank robber Willie Sutton, “because that’s where the money is.” Last year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) disclosed the amounts paid to physicians, and radiation oncologists were among the top recipients of federal monies.

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The amendment allows an action for retaliation to be based on relationships outside the traditional employer-employee relationship.

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