Avg slows computer down when updating

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Avg slows computer down when updating

Here’s a few examples of some things you may consider excluding: Other Scenarios There’s a nearly infinite number of applications and scenarios for everybody’s PC, so it’s hard to say exactly what is going to work on your PC—but there’s a way you can figure it out for yourself using Process Monitor, the great tool from Sysinternals at Microsoft.Just open up Process Monitor, and then “uncheck” all of the little icons on the right-hand side of the toolbar, leaving only the “Show File System Activity” one checked.Always Scan Files from the Internet I’ll start by saying this should go without saying… but you should make absolutely certain to scan any files that come from anywhere on the internet, and when those files come from torrents or other similar sources rife with viruses.All Antivirus Applications Work Differently The next thing to mention is that not every antivirus application is going to work the same way—for instance, by default, AVG only scans a specific set of file extensions, and files with no extensions.Note: Before you start excluding any files, you keep in mind that changing any of the default security settings could be risky, and you should probably close the browser tab and run away. Also, the i The general idea is that if you have some applications that are writing to the hard drive constantly, you should probably exclude the folders they are writing or reading from, as long as those applications are trusted and safe.For example, if you’re using a virtual machine, which does both reads and writes from the hard drive on a fairly constant basis, you should make sure your antivirus application is not scanning those files and folders.F) Use the AVG Diagnostics tool to help AVG Support diagnose the problem.To provide the results of the AVG Diagnostics tool: 1. Double-click the saved file, the tool will start automatically. Type your e-mail address and a detailed issue description into the appropriate areas. Click "Diagnose and send results.” AVG Support will analyze this data and contact you with further information.

- Open the AVG Program and check whether there is a running test displayed in the left part of the window. E) Do you use any other anti-virus or security product on your computer? I have used the free version for several years, with good protection for my limited activities, without a problem.This was directed at Babbzzz as well, perhaps moreso.At this point you’ll see loads and loads of items in the list, with every access to the file system.You can use this data to figure out which applications are constantly reading and writing to the hard drive, and then based on the safety of those files, you can choose whether or not to exclude them.

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~ Security Garden Noted - If this long standing problem is because of AVG's servers then unless AVG actually do something about it - it will continue to go unresolved and then Retsel will need to make that decision of an alternate program. I don't know how this happened, but something has gotten into my computer that constantly redirects anything I click on.