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re CAPTCHA is a CAPTCHA-like system designed to establish that a computer user is human (normally in order to protect websites from bots) and, at the same time, assist in the digitization of CAPTCHA was originally developed by Luis von Ahn, Ben Maurer, Colin Mc Millen, David Abraham and Manuel Blum at Carnegie Mellon University's main Pittsburgh campus. and from the classic version of the re CAPTCHA plugin.Whereas it should be much easier and less expensive to find someone relatively tech-savvy to help you make basic Word Press updates.Also, unlike Word, there is no option to have a website hosted by Drupal themselves.So you can’t make a TON of structural website changes without the help of a designer and/or developer.However, for a beginner, this is probably the most suitable platform to build a site.

And you’ll find readily available technical support with each one (although Drupal’s might be among the most expensive). However, if you feel like you made the wrong choice and want to switch down the road, it is relatively easy to migrate from one to another. My own site (this one you’re currently reading) is built on Word Press. But it has a steep learning curve that most would not be able to handle.”“That’s a great question.

Word Press is quick, easy and requires no real knowledge of web design or web development.

Even the advanced themes can be set up by a novice if they are good at following instructions. ”“For beginners, I would definitely lean towards Word Press being the one which will most likely satisfy the needs of the individual.

Anyone considering Drupal should have at least a basic knowledge of HTML, PHP and other common web programming languages.

You don’t need to be an expert necessarily, but being able to troubleshoot error messages and identify code problems will be a HUGE benefit.

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That means purchasing your own domain and hosting is required before getting started with a new Drupal site. It’s like the compromise between Word Press and Drupal.