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Examples include the port side of the pool deck and sun decks.

Cigar and pipe smoking is allowed only in specially designated sections of the open decks.

"The cruise lines' yield management people want the ships to sail full at all times; you can't do that if you set aside nonsmoking [and smoking] rooms." You can be fined for smoking on cruise ships in prohibited areas, but the greater risk is confrontation with fellow passengers, even when following the rules.

Smoke tends to drift back while the ship is underway, causing tension between balcony smokers with forward cabins and nonsmokers in cabins aft of them.

Where You Can Smoke: Smoking is permitted on the open decks where there are no signs prohibiting smoking.

Cigar smoking is permitted only on designated spaces on open decks.

On some Australia itineraries on Carnival Legend, all indoor public and private spaces are nonsmoking.

Where You Can't: Smoking is prohibited in cabins and on balconies.

Also, smoking is not permitted in any dining venue, casino, theater, hallway, elevator or corridor.

Smoking is also prohibited in the Casino Bar as well as the entire casino area.

The obvious -- elevators, theaters, the library, restaurants -- are likewise nonsmoking spaces.

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If you're wondering what to expect on your next cruise, whether you smoke or not, here is what you need to know about smoking on cruise ships with a line-by-line list of policies.