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Any devaluation of the peso could mean instant bankruptcy for thousands of Argentines, along with many of the country's largest businesses.

More than 80 per cent of contracts and debts are denominated in the dollar.

"I was excited when he first came to office, but that quickly faded."Discontent with De La Rua was stoked by four years of bitter recession that exhausted the country and left it lurching close to default on its massive public debt.

Though De la Rua technically remained president, media reports said Congress would accept De la Rua's resignation and appoint Puerta interim president in a session this morning. Growth, production and business confidence are plummeting, and unemployment has topped 18 per cent.

Her death in April moved Argentina, where the “Not one less” (“Ni una menos” in Spanish) protest movement that began began in 2015 before spreading across Latin America and the world.

The protests were resurrected in June 2016 to commemorate the anniversary of the movement and in October 2016, after three men were accused of the rape and murder of 16-year-old Lucia Perez in Mar del Plata.

The Peronists take their turn at trying to tame a crisis that has left the country perilously close to defaulting on its 2 billion debt burden.

Senate Leader Ramon Puerta was in line to take over today as interim president until a special legislative assembly decides whether to call new elections within months.

One of these was 21-year-old student and feminist activist Micaela Garcia, whose alleged killer Sebastian Jose Luis Wagner had been jailed for nine years in 2012 for raping two women, but was released early in July 2016.De La Rua took office in December 1999 with a popularity rating above 70 percent, a no-nonsense image and a pledge to improve the economy.But he soon became seen as indecisive, and left with ratings in single digits."I think he totally lacked direction and he clearly couldn't fix the economy," said Pablo Mario Alvarez, 50.Screeching tear gas canisters arced across the capital and police fired rubber bullets at thousands of anti-government protesters in the runup to his fall.Rioters looted houses and stores in other cities, and more than 200 people were injured nationwide."I'm delighted he's finally gone. " said Maria Andrejuk, who was among those celebrating after tensions eased across much of Buenos Aires. Now Argentina's faltering economy awaits the hands of a caretaker government led by the party founded by strongman Juan Peron in the 1940s.

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Feminist demonstrators have taken part in a naked flash mob protesting gender-based violence in Argentina’s capital of Buenos Aires.

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