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Out of season, Povoa Dao, whose huddle of red-roofed cottages has the appearance of a Tuscan village, is silent.No cars can drive down the narrow, cobbled streets."There will also be investors who want a weekend retreat as it's now very easy to get to Porto, with Ryanair flights from the UK."The Douro region's unspoilt beauty is what appealed to Chris Forbes, who left south London and a job in the City to move to Porto two years ago.With his Portuguese wife Joana, 34, a lawyer, and their daughters Sofia, four, and Antonia, three months, he lives beside the beach in Mindelo, 15 minutes from the city centre, in a four-bedroom house which cost £280,000."Apart from the enchantment of the surrounding Douro valley and its amazing wines, the best chefs are coming out of Porto rather than Lisbon.The construction of a simple fish-pass on this small concrete weir will open up approximately 2 km of excellent juvenile habitat.Each morning, 84-year-old Jose Soares leaves his stone cottage in the medieval hamlet of Povoa Dao in northern Portugal to tend to his crops.

"The Douro valley is one of the last beautiful unspoilt regions of Europe, with mountains higher than Ben Nevis.

The country's centre and north remains the preserve of those in the know, partly due to the weather - you do not get the year-round blue skies here to attract the winter golfing fraternity - and the lack of English-speaking estate agents.

"This is a place for people who want calm and serenity, who want to swim in the river and explore vineyards," says Stuart Gibbons, Povoa Dao's head of international sales.

Conheça todas as soluções e produtos Energie para Climatização, Bombas de Calor e Águas Quentes Sanitárias.

A ENERGIE dispõe no mercado mundial de uma ampla gama de produtos de energias renováveis, desde sistema solar termodinâmico, bombas de calor para produção de Água Quente Sanitária (AQS) e climatização que são as soluções ideais para Hotéis, Hospitais, Estabelecimentos Desportivos e Industriais.

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However, Povoa Dao - whose records date back to 1258 - is once more home to others following the rescue and restoration of its 32 houses."This is an unusual project and unlike anything else in Portugal.

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