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Apostolic singles dating

Jesus Christ, also known as Jesus of Nazareth, is a Jewish teacher and reformer of religion who has become the central figure of Christianity.Christians respect and adore him, his life, and his being so much that they declare and worship him as God.Jesus taught mainly love and forgiveness for others, as well as being humble about one's religion.He said that one must be mild, like a child, and never boast.Most Christians celebrate the day that Jesus was born as the holiday of Christmas.Although the Gospels do not say what day Jesus was born, the date chosen was of December 25, because there was already a Roman holiday on that day.

Jesus opposed the other Jewish priests (who despised him of his time, who manipulated religion in order to boast.The arrival of Jesus was prophesied by John the Baptist. During the baptism, the Spirit of God, like a dove, came down upon Jesus, and the voice of God was heard. He taught that God alone was the true king, and that people should love God and love each other as the scriptures told them to do. Jesus performed miracles that were signs of God's power, such as giving hungry people food and wine, healing sick people, and making dead people alive again. Jesus gathered together twelve men, known as the Twelve Apostles, whom he chose and trained to spread his message.According to the Bible, the Spirit led Jesus into the desert where he fasted for 40 days. Then Jesus went into Galilee, settled in Capernaum, and began to preach about the Kingdom of God. He had many other disciples, including many women, but because of Jewish customs, the women disciples could not travel to distant places on their own as teachers. He went to Jerusalem, where many were visiting the city for Passover.Jesus did certain things which upset the Jewish religious leaders.They thought he showed disrespect for customs that the Jews had kept for many centuries.

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